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Living in the Light

March 13, 2015 by rkmcclenahen

We are so glad to finally be able to update our blog, since electricity has been restored to our house!! The grand total was 8 weeks without power, although we were gone for 2 of those for conference and business in Nairobi, Kenya. Having the relief of a working refrigerator and the luxury of lighting after dark has taken away a great amount of stress, so we thank God and thank you for your prayers throughout the trial.

After feeling at the end of our rope recently in many ways, we are now praising God for some new things He is doing and new opportunities we see on the horizon. Today at our weekly team meeting, our teammates had reports of two individuals confessing an acceptance of the gospel message during their ministry time this week. (Confessing and accepting Christ in this atmosphere, however, still leaves somewhat of a question in our minds of if these people actually understand the message well enough, and what they actually mean by saying they “accept” Christ.) In addition, Rusty and I were both able to connect with a Mwani man we had met previously who says he is a believer and attends a Portuguese church in the city frequently. We prayed with him about his health and his hunger (currently unemployed, he is struggling to feed himself), and we have invited him to join the fellowship of Mwani believers (only 2 men at this point) that tries to meet regularly on Fridays. Also, one of Rusty’s English-speaking friends also began talking with another of our teammates and has begun a study of the Bible- “Habari Ngema.” His first day studying he made sure to comment how much he liked the structure and order of the scriptures, and we are praying that he will continue to study and be drawn to the truth of God’s word.

For the past two months I, Kristen, have basically been without a language helper. My previous helper began work at a restaurant in the city at the end of December, and now only has one day off each week. This week I finally began studying again, this time with the wife of a local “mwalimu,” or mosque teacher. Apparently the husband has been friends with our team leader for quite a while, and the wife has been very welcoming so far as well. This will no doubt be a very interesting match, seeing as my next learning assignment is to learn to tell the story of creation from Genesis! And after that, my assignments just continue with becoming proficient telling God Stories.
These are just a few of the relational opportunities we are digesting right now, but we are waiting with anticipation to see who God will bring into His family, and how he will use us in this place.

“’Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.’” ~John 15:5

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