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Mainsha Mapya! (New Life!)

August 17, 2015 by rkmcclenahen

Rejoice in the Lord with us! It seems like every day there is about one new believer added to the numbers here in Pakitiket! Many of these people are coming to hear the gospel message through our teammates, Victor and Grace, as they have a lot of time to devote to the community and sharing. We are also so glad for the part the Lord has given us- both Rusty and I have lately been perfecting our gospel story language-wise, and I (Kristen) just shared this morning with a neighbor we see often and one of her friends. Both of them said that they want to follow Jesus and prayed with me and my teammate Grace! This is the first person that I have personally been able to lead to Christ!

Three days ago, my friend Fatima that we shared before was listening closely to stories (and who actually was led to Christ by Victor and Grace a few weeks ago) was baptized! Grace, Victor and I went with her out to a spot on the beach (covered with trash) where the fewest people would come to distract and ask questions. After asking her again some essential questions about her commitment to believe, even in the face of persecution, we walked together into the ocean and baptized her! It is hard to describe the feeling of being a part of such an awesome display of God. Just a few weeks ago, there was no one in Pakiti following Jesus, but now there are more than 10, and more every day, even deciding to commit and be baptized. As I type now, Victor and Grace are supposed to be heading to the beach with another man who wants to be baptized, and maybe even his family also! Praise our living God!

Another role that we have been thankful to play here lately is helping out with the discipleship of these new believers. We have both been able to both learn to teach lessons on evangelism, persecution, and baptism (by sitting in on lessons taught by our teammates), and to actually then teach these lessons ourselves with different believers. Actually, we are starting to have a hard time keeping up with it all between the few people on our team! We try to meet with each believer at least once a week, studying one new subject each time, as long as the lesson from before “stuck.”

You may join with us in praying for these new seeds of the gospel to flourish and withstand attacks from the enemy. Already one woman that I was teaching has showed signs of losing interest, and very often people are unavailable when we plan to talk with them. Pray for God to continue to make a way for them to grow close to Him. Please also pray for wisdom for us as we learn to disciple people who for the most part can’t read for themselves, therefore cannot study the “Habari Ngema” (Good News) for themselves. Pray for us to have wise answers to questions that these new believers are asking, as well as answers for those that are seeking. Rusty and I are also hoping to spend some time out together this week to speak with a particular family we have known for a while. Please pray for them to receive a clear gospel message through our broken language, and that God’s word will be received wholly, that they may also be added to the number of “followers of Jesus” here in our neighborhood!

With the countdown to our return to the U.S. now at 16 weeks, we are busy! And we are thankful! May we run the race to win! Thank you for praying like never before!

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  1. Paul Azevedo Says:

    It is amazing what The Lord can do – way above what we could ever think or imagine. Our prayers will be for the work The Lord still has for you.
    May The Lord bless your family, and continue to encourage you.

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